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Milan Lucic Jersey

From a health perspective Alejandro Palacios World Cup Jersey , it is best not often stay up late. However, when forced to stay up all night, in advance, to prepare and protect afterwards, at least can stay up all night to minimize damage to the body.

So how can we reduce the harmful effects of it?

Eye eat a fruit meal: overtime at night often overuse, eye pain, dry eyes, swollen and other issues Adrian Aldrete World Cup Jersey , cause temporary vision loss, and even people suffering from dry eye syndrome. Stay up all night, it is best to rest for about 45 minutes each work 10 minutes, doing eye exercises and proper eating fruits such as mangoes, oranges, carrots and other vitamin A-rich orange fruits and vegetables, can improve the dim light workers to stay up all night resilience to prevent visual fatigue. Shi Ming, deputy director Mexico World Cup Jersey , said, blueberries, cherries especially suitable for eating late at night, in addition to protect the eyes, which contains antioxidants also refreshing, to prevent fatigue.

Do not forget to take a nap remedy: more sleep but not completely alleviate harm to the body late at night. There is a proverb called: a night without sleep, wake up ten nights. This means that if a night without sleep, sleep is ten nights Yasser Corona World Cup Jersey , the loss can not make it up. The best remedy is to sleep after staying up late, in addition to a normal night's rest, but also must attack to take a nap. But the study found that more sleep can not stay up all night to alleviate harm to the body, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes Heaven, also includes health and rest according to the laws of nature, which is the access to health and longevity is an important method. Somake sense approach only as a last resort, only short-term sleep deprivation. Or should develop good habits, according to the person's physiological cycle fall asleep at the right time.

How to recuperate after staying up late

7:00 whole: the sound of the alarm to get up. Sleep Research Center at Stanford University Vicente Matias Vuoso World Cup Jersey , Dr. Chad clinical experts said the biggest mistake insomniacs stay in bed in the morning to ensure 8 hours of sleep. In fact, easy to sleep late in the morning to postpone the clock to make it harder to fall asleep at night, creating a vicious cycle. Recommended even sleep late at night, get up in the morning should then be supplemented by sleep nap.

7:30: smell the smell of coffee. Dr. Alison Xi Boen Sleep Medicine Research Center, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, said that caffeine helps refreshing. Korean study found that people who do not drink coffee, smell the coffee aroma can also improve alertness.

7:45: a cup of water, and eat breakfast. After waking up in the morning to drink a glass of water Rodolfo Pizarro World Cup Jersey , can increase alertness and eliminate fatigue. After about one hour wake for breakfast ( best oatmeal raisin plus points ) can increase energy, so that the brain makes better.

10:00 whole: a cup of coffee. Need to be reminded that those who drink coffee daily intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine may, not more than 500 mg, otherwise easily lead to tension and irritability. From the beginning of the afternoon, it is best not to drink coffee, or likely to influence sleep at night.

12:00 whole: a half-hour nap. MD, Head of Sleep Medicine Research Center at Stanford University, said Colette · Kushi Da Raul Jimenez World Cup Jersey , a 30-minute midday nap can make up for the missing one hour of sleep at night, improve alertness, mobility and emotional.

12:30: eat a light lunch. When the body feels tired, not a lot of eating lunch, the best light-based, otherwise easily lead to feeling sleepy after a meal.

15:00: Walking for 10 minutes. Dr. Glen Gardner said that many people are feeling at this time of day physical trough. A study of the University of California psychologist Dr. Robert Saye completion of discovery, then walk 10 minutes to improve the body's energy, at least two hours to keep the whole body dynamic Rafael Marquez World Cup Jersey , and its effects better than eating a piece of candy.

17:30: Do not try to drive to work. Stanford University Sleep Medicine Research Center sleep specialist Dr. Rafael Pelayo said, fatigue, lack of sleep people, this time driving at greatest risk. Due to the lack of sleep and drove away the beaten track again, the brain is very easy in theoff mode, resulting in greatly increased risk of car accidents.

20:00 to 22:00: watch less TV. Sleep two hours ago, the body will usually be excited again, then it should try to relax Paul Aguilar World Cup Jersey , do not touch too stimulating TV programs, games and so on.
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