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Author: Subject: Knights Nuggets: Marc-Andre Fleury could return to practice this week

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[*] posted on 6-12-2017 at 07:13
Knights Nuggets: Marc-Andre Fleury could return to practice this week

After what seems like a millennium or so, Marc-Andre Fleury could finally be back in practice this week! The return of Flower is nearing!

- The Golden Knights ended their three-game losing streak against the very pathetic Arizona Coyotes Sunday night and it felt oh so good.

- Even more pathetic than the Coyotes are the Buffalo Sabres, who are prepared to trade basically anyone on the team not named Jack Eichel. This could be fun. [SB Nation]

- If you haven’t seen the video of Viktor Arvidsson helping a fan propose to his wife, you need to do that this very second.

- Vancouver Canucks forward Derek Dorsett’s career is over after learning about health risks. Extremely sad news for the 30-year-old.

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unfortunately,A thing I think about a lot from the early days of hockey videos on the internet is this clip of a Japanese hockey player tapping the puck into a wide open net against Denmark. It was, his own net.

made the rounds for a few years, one imagines that this guy didn’t get raked over the coals for scoring on his own team in a tie game (albeit one tied late in the second period)., everyone had a nice laugh. Look at the anguish as he realizes what he’s done. Throws his stick in the air, covers his face in shame. Of course,Very funny stuff, indeed, not knowing much about hockey in Japan or, what the Japanese hockey press is like

right? When guys make what are very obviously outlier mistakes, it’s extremely funny., like putting the puck into their own net,And that’s how it should be, they shouldn’t really be made the subject of derision. However, it also must be said that any time it happens

not all the way — circled the wagons around Kris Russell for his frankly unbelievable own goal last week, he still had three points) was a sign that he needed to play better., it was a little silly. This was,So when the Edmonton media — and I swear this isn’t an Oilers-centric WWL for the third week in a row… well, the same group of bozos who started a few days’ worth of discussion by saying Connor McDavid’s one bad game against the Stars (in which, after all, by the way

since he was basically Edmonton’s only good player that night, it was nonetheless a mistake., you shouldn’t blame Kris Russell for the own goal, calamitous and hysterical as it was. Hockey is,adidas Connor Hellebuyck jersey,Just as you shouldn’t blame McDavid for that Stars game, a game of mistakes, after all, and while Russell made what could easily be construed as the single biggest on-ice mistake in the NHL for at least the past few years

not only because it happened, that 25 counts the own goal., but because it painted over what had otherwise been a very good performance,adidas Wayne Simmonds jersey,And it sucks for Russell, in fact, turning a sterling effort into a shade of that Vantablack stuff that’s so black you can’t define any edges or qualities of the thing it’s painted over. Russell, had two points (including a real live goal for his own team) and the Oilers out-attempted the Leafs 34-25 when he was on the ice. And yeah

though, and say that this is just another aspect of the game the nerdboys don’t understand., that Russell was given this incredible benefit of the doubt in a way that McDavid was not,adidas Claude Giroux jersey, in part because he stands for everything only people over the age of 50 think is important in hockey: Blocking shots,The point is, and being accountable. It doesn’t matter how bad you are — and for the contract he carries, laying out hits, Russell is quite bad — as long as you’re willing to face the music for your badness. These guys will protect you like the pass at Thermopylae

again, because you’re married to Russell for two-plus more seasons unless you can find a sucker to come along and take his deal off your hands (maybe the Leafs; he scored an important goal for them recently), really,Authentic Nolan Patrick jersey, is that Todd McLellan went off on a little rant about “analytics that,” which didn’t really make any sense, but was kind of the tenor of the previous few days because in hockey,The reason all this comes up now, and also because – as they always say about goalies – you want guys to have “a short memory.”, no matter how bad a guy screws up, you don’t want to throw him under the bus. And that’s fine

which is perfectly reasonable if you ignore that Peter Chiarelli considers him a $4 million defenseman for whom the team moved Jordan Eberle to accommodate salary., and the reason why is that for all the proselytizing, McLellan knows his true quality: He’s an okay bottom-pair guy who can contribute to the offense a little bit. Among Edmonton defensemen,Russell was fine again on Saturday night, Russell plays the fifth-most minutes per game this season

and the other snuffed out what had been a furious Flames comeback. But no one in Calgary acted as though some grand crime had been committed by fans delighted by the gaffe., I think, the ultimate issue at play here: People think Russell is good and worth the contract. They are wrong. When TJ Brodie scored into his own goal late in Saturday night’s game against Edmonton,Which is, there wasn’t a grand inquisition into what it Really Meant and it certainly wasn’t viewed on a referendum of analytics versus the eye test. Both goals were massively important in their respective games; one cost Edmonton two vital points

while a little fanboyish and given to fits of believing in the wrong stuff (see also: that time they made the playoffs with a high PDO and low CF%),This is mostly because the Calgary media, isn’t so deranged as the people a few hours up the road.

while he makes more than Russell, is good.”, is correctly viewed as having turned sour after a few good years in his early 20s in which he showed a lot of promise. Maybe we chalk that up to “he got to play next to Mark Giordano when Mark Giordano should have won multiple Norrises” and also to “look who his partners have been since then” but nonetheless,But it’s also because Brodie, “Brodie, there’s no one out there saying, actually

They saw Russell in action for a few years and have likely come to understand what his value was and was not in a way many other observers (such as the GM of the Edmonton Oilers) likely haven’t.

then that’s the end of any real discussion here., such as they are at this point,The Corsi Wars, exist only in the minds of those whose side lost. They’re the Japanese soldiers discovered on remote islands in the 1960s who think they should still be on the ready to slaughter any GIs foolish enough to land on their beaches. If Bruce Boudreau is openly crediting Minnesota’s analytics department after a win with helping the coaching staff address a problem with their approach to the 3-on-3

No one is or was judging Kris Russell on the basis of the own goal. It was just funny. Especially because of who it happened to. Or rather, because of who thinks the guy it happened to is actually a good player. That’s it. No great mystery.

everything else takes a nose dive. Last month, and the scorching hot Tampa Bay Lightning. What’s been the main cause of this rise? They’ve allowed the fewest 5v5 goals in the NHL at a mark of 36., Philadelphia ranked 10th in the league in 5v5 goals-for percentage,It just figures that as soon as the Flyers finally learn how to score - and at an efficient rate! - at 5v5, now they sit fourth in the NHL behind only St. Louis, Columbus

where it is not coming from., this is extremely encouraging for the Flyers regardless of what the record is. Having dependable 5v5 goal scoring is key for a good hockey team. The problem, however,Obviously, is where that goal scoring is coming from. Or in this case

Lack of scoring depth is huge concern

Sean Couturier, Travis Konecny., and Jakub Voracek has been the most impressive part of this rendition of the Philadelphia Flyers. The trio hold the top three spots in 5v5 goal scoring,The top line of Claude Giroux, with Giroux and Couturier on the ice for 25, and Voracek only one goal behind in 24. The next highest Flyers forward has been on the ice for twelve 5v5 goals

We know the middle six is a problem, hell at this rate every line but the top line has been a problem. But that puts it into perspective just how ineffective the other three lines have been this season.

came in their last game of the month against the San Jose Sharks., the Flyers ranked 18th in raw CF% in the NHL with 49.20%. They saw an extremely small increase in November — going up to an even 50% at 1,082 corsi-for and -against — which ranks for 16th and 17th in the NHL respectively. The high point for the month came against the Vancouver Canucks in that brutal 5-2 loss on home ice. The low point,At the end of October,Authentic Shayne Gostisbehere jersey, as expected

With 5v5 goal scoring thriving, was shot selection a factor in the nightmare that was November?

Shot selection not bad, but not great either

primarily in the back-to-back shutout losses vs. Minnesota., however,At the end of October I talked about how the Flyers were generating more chances from the home plate area and getting away from firing point shots mostly without a screen. This month, those old tendencies reared their ugly head a few times

and make them take point shots without screens. That has been a main issue of mine with the point shots the Flyers do take., but do nothing about continually allowing high percentage shots”. Way too often the Flyers are allowing teams to be in the red right in front of the net or in the slot. Take a page out of Minnesota’s book and tighten up play in that area,A seemingly constant theme this year has been: “take higher percentage shots,Authentic Connor Hellebuyck jersey, force teams to the outside

and this is one of them., but they can be effective if done properly and that is where the Flyers fail. A staple with previous teams has been get bodies to the front of the net and hope for a deflection. Well,How many times are we going to see Brandon Manning take a weak wrist shot from the point with absolutely no forward in front of the net? Point shots are obviously not of the highest quality, Hakstol has the second part down but somehow not the first. There are minor tweaks that his system needs for it to be better

as he’s finally putting together a Selke trophy winning season., and despite Voracek being a part of those five,There were just five Flyers who’s raw CF% decreased from the end of October to the end of November,Authentic Wayne Simmonds jersey, this is a good sign. Most of the Flyers roster has improved in driving play over the past month despite the obvious struggles to win games. Sean Couturier taking the team lead in CF% should come as a surprise to no one

the Flyers are not as bad as this losing streak makes them look. It’s rare when any team is as bad as a losing streak like this suggests and,adidas Shayne Gostisbehere jersey, something beyond the numbers is happening with the Flyers., thankfully,Obviously, this isn’t one of those times. I don’t know how to explain what is going on with this team, but I think it’s something analytics aren’t going to explain. Whether it’s the attitude of the players or simply the way the coach is leading his team

The good news is, the numbers typically don’t lie and most of them are saying the Flyers are still a middle of the pack team with some obvious upside. Their rankings have essentially stayed exactly the same from where we last left off and that is neither a good or bad thing. It’s just...average.

however,Authentic Claude Giroux jersey,Authentic Sidney Crosby jersey,I do believe Dave Hakstol’s system can work in the NHL with the right personnel. The problem, is that Hakstol gets in his own way. Playing Dale Weise and Jori Lehtera in the guts of a game because of “veteran leadership” or just because he think they’re good hockey players is inexcusable.

Lehtera, or at the very least do not belong in the role they currently have., and MacDonald does not all of a sudden deprive your team of leadership. Claude Giroux has been the captain of this team since 2013. Voracek,Benching Weise, and Couturier have been here since 2012,adidas Sidney Crosby jersey, Simmonds, these are your leaders. It is not as if Hak would be benching Chris Pronger in his prime here; these are below average hockey players who do not belong on an NHL roster

The Nashville Predators square off against their least favorite fowl foe, the Anaheim Ducks. Can the Preds bring their November winning ways into December?

and another failure to close out the game left many folks bitter (specifically me)., a squandered lead,Thursday’s outing against Vancouver didn’t end as well as many Predators fans thought it should. A boring first period, and a missed offsides call led to a 5-3 loss to the Canucks. There were some obvious defensive gaps

BUT. It’s December. The Predators accumulated 21 of a possible 28 points in November, an impressive feat. They broke a franchise record for power play goals scored at home. This team has all the right pieces to continue to compete. Our boys are doing just fine.

All I want for Christmas is a healthy Ryan Ellis. He’s skating with the team now,adidas Nolan Patrick jersey, and his timetable for a Christmas-New Years return has not changed.

I am positive the Predators want to continue to see more wins as they jockey for position in the Central...which brings us to...

the Preds face the Ducks for their second contest of the season. This is the first time the dirty Ducks return to Bridgestone since the Predators destroyed their Cup hopes in June,Tonight, and they’ll be looking to exact some revenge on a relentless Nashville crowd.

The most interesting Anaheim news in the last week is the trade that saw the Ducks send defenseman Sami Vatanen to New Jersey for forwards Adam Henrique and Joseph Blandisi. It’s no secret that Anaheim needs some forwards because of their injury issues this season. However, our friends at Anaheim Calling recently published an interesting article that calls Anaheim’s trade decision into question.

and one can only imagine what the asking price may have been. Looking at what both Nashville and Ottawa both had to give up, Murray set his sights on Henrique..., it’d be reasonable to believe that one of Jacob Larsson or Marcus Pettersson were on the table. Murray was presumably ready to pay that price,Matt Duchene’s influence looms large over this deal. The Ducks were reportedly after the newly-minted Ottawa Senator, given Anaheim’s both present and future need for a young, dynamic forward. Once that fell through

purely based on his elite faceoff ability., while opening up even more questions. Clearly, they trust Brandon Montour to step onto the second defense pairing. We’ll see how he and Fowler fare together. Also just as clearly,Vatanen’s departure naturally reveals quite a bit about where the front office stands on a number of issues, they don’t see one of Wagner or Grant in this lineup full-time. Vermette’s job feels safe

but don’t expect to see them on this trip., an injury that required surgery. Jakob Silfverberg was injured last week,Captain Ryan Getzlaf is out after taking a puck to the face in late October, as was Rickard Rakell. Both Getlzaf and Kesler are skating regularly

Anaheim has gone up the list of “hated teams in Nashville” after the last two seasons. Meeting Anaheim in the post season is never a fun time, but the number of dirty plays and hits by the Ducks make them fairly hated in Nashville.

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