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hawklee - 20-7-2017 at 09:37

I write this just because I ever got taught by attending a spinning class. I fell off from the bike and hurt my wrist because of my wrong shorts. I had not been told by anyone that in this crazy wrold there still exist a magical shorts called the cycling shorts.

A lot of newcomers (mainly: men) in this field would love to type 'men's cycling shorts' on the search engine and then they found that the cycling shorts in fact just looks like men's cycling underwear.

But the truth is in the cycling clothing industry. We took men's cycling underwear and men's cycling shorts as one same thing. But there also has some different keywords show different products such as our website. The cycling shorts and cycling underwear are just different two things.

Cycling shorts is much longer and much looser than the cycling underwear and it could be used in cycling, mountaineering and even in leisure time. But the cycling underwear is much shorter and much tighter and it attaches to your soft skin so perfectly. And the material we take is also fancy the Spandex has more advantages than polyester and nylon.

But here is still one thing that you need to know our cycling shorts usually do not contain a pad in it so it can not absorb shock but the cycling underwear in our store has a very qualified chamois pad for you. At least this could be used for 1~2 years if you are a cyclist travelling 150 km per week.

To figure this out the differences between underwear and shorts more clearly: Click and visit men's cycling shorts sale. This would provide a more vivid explanation with images and letters.

Cycling is a aerobic exercise so the more you do the healthier you'll be and never never forget that if you are a newcomer in this field and eager to take a spinning class please please remember to get a piece of cycling underwear with you in case of falling off.